Tours Training Services

Staff Training & Basic Maintenance

In the unfortunate event of a customer falling off a Segway®,  you will have to show you are competent and have all the relevant documentation at hand; as tour operators, we come across all walks of life participating in our events.

With over 10 years experience working with Segways  and events, we can now offer a full day of training for all of your staff. This will ensure continuity with training, reduce accidents thus minimising the risk to clients. With public liability insurance getting more expensive each year, it is now even more important to get your Segway training program right.


  • 4 stages of a proven safety training program for all your customers, built on 10 years of experience.
  • Correct safety documentation check.
  • Documentation for battery management (to keep your segway tours running longer).
  • Full observation of tour site, pointing out potential hazards and alternatives to minimise risk.

Maintenance is essential to any segway tour operator, displaying competence in the event of a claim. We will train all the staff in the following:

  • Basic Segway® maintenance.
  • Preventative Segway® maintenance.
  • Full Segway PT documentation adapted for use of tours.
  • Tips on keeping a fleet running, warning signs to look out for and action needed.


Per Day  Cost £300 + Travel

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