Tip for segway SE owners in the summer

Little tip for everything se owner.
With Water you must always be careful at the segway but especially careful you should be on the device at extremely hot days or direct sunlight. The Housing (Centre Console) of the se models is composed of several parts. At Extreme temperatures as in the last few days and direct sunlight, the different parts are working and are different from or. Shrinking at change. This can easily penetrate humidity and cause error messages. So my tip to all se owners. Do not leave the segway for too long in the sun, and if it does not prevent it, please do not wash until the device has cooled again. Through the high temperature inside it, it sucks the moisture in it when it is cleaned with water and the result is error messages. It is then necessary to open the device, to dry and to treat the contacts so that they do not oxidize. All you can do is save yourself if you’re a little careful with water especially when the device is very hot.

This tip is from my good friends in Germany.


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