Segway Gearbox Reconditioning

We are you currently trialling Segway gearbox reconditioning & hope to roll it out soon.

We hope to offer this service very soon, segway gearboxes are designed to last the life of the Segway however as all Segway tour companies know the the gearboxes only appear the last between 3000 and 6000 miles, most heavily affected are the X2 Segway model, this is largely due to the extreme stress the components are exposed too.

The roller bearing is affected most grinding down the main shaft and contaminating the oil with Metal particles, with the oil contaminated then get into all the other open bearings wearing them down which is why some gearboxes have a very loud grinding noise.

It is not advisable to keep running the Segway with warn gearboxes as the problem will just get significantly worse over time.

Solution: Buy a new gearbox which can be expensive or have it reconditioned, which is more economical especially if you have a large fleet.


More info to follow.


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