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Segway X2 I2 batteries
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Global shortage prices 2020

Buying segway batteries can be tricky business if you don’t know what you’re buying, for example on eBay you don’t know how good that battery actually is! It could be only 20% efficient/ Cell damage or just worn out but will still show full charge and will run out very quickly. Just because you get full 8 bars on the “info key” does not give you the full picture of how efficient it is. We fully test and take performance measurements off board on all our batteries giving the actual state of health of each battery with printout showing proof of performance.

Due to production issues, Segway batteries at this present time are in short supply (Click Here to see why)

We have a range of secondhand batteries in stock. Our supply chain consists of Golf Clubs, Segway Tour Operators & Holiday Parks, All batteries are fully tested with a data proof of performance, check out the pricing structure below if you’d like any more information feel free to give us a call 07549939898

Global shortage prices 2020/21 NOTE: (batteries are £850 new when available)

Buy with confidence

Second-hand batteries with full State of Health click here to see why this matters

Costs are calculated via revisions and efficiency

(All revisions are compatible with all Segway X2 & I2 models)

Batteries running at optimal efficiency 95-100%

AF £660 State of health 95-100%

0 in Stock

AH £690 State of health 95-100%

0 in Stock

AJ £780 State of health 95-100%

0 in Stock

Batteries under optimal efficiency 75-94%

AF £575 State of health 75-94%

0 in Stock

AH £625 State of health 75-94%

0 in Stock

AJ £650 State of health 75-94%

0 in Stock

HI CAP Segway X2 I2 battery

Developed battery by our selfs with over 3 years or research to get it right, we now use across our Segway Tours sites, brand-new cells and longer range. see link for more info:

£750 State of health 120%

0 in Stock

Please note: Batteries are secondhand and may have signs of cosmetic wear on top & underneath this does not affect the performance of the battery.

Please call or Email to check stock availability

Call for info 07549939898