Noisy Segway Gearbox?

Noisy gearbox its a common problem with Segways, in our experience they only seemed to last 2 to 3000 miles, however we do find some preventative measures special silicone oil with additives which can calm down noisy gearboxes and prolong life. Usually happens More on X2 Segways .

Tips on keeping your gear box from damage.

Do not over inflate the tires always Monitor & use the correct tire pressure.

Some tour operators pump up the tires to get more milage (this is the worst thing you can’t to)

  1. Puts stress on the gear boxes and bearings.
  2. Compromises safety(remember tire pressure is your suspension)
  3. Wear’s out the tires quicker.
  4. Makes a much more harder and uncomfortable ride.
  5. Sends confusing data to the CPU’s (more error codes)

Segway Gear Box


SEGWAY i2 = 14 PSI



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