Ninebot Mini Pro & S Upgrade

We can not be held responsible for any accidents or mishaps as a result of this upgrade you are riding this at your own risk.

Exclusive UK Supplier

40% Speed increase

Working with M4M we can now offer this upgrade to customers in the UK.

After intensive testing and looking for the right solution this is the one with works as it should, its like having a new Machine a more powerful feel to the MiniPRO experience.

Software solution to increase maximum speed to 14mph = 22kmh (with regular tires) to to 15.5mph = 25kmh with offroad or hybrid tires. Below are major features of the SwallowBot upgrade:

  • Increases maximum speed to 22 kmh or up to 25kmh if you have M4M off road or M4M hybrid tires.
  • Removes annoying sounds and pushbacks in the cases of overspeed and/or overpower.
  • Removes speed limitation when the battery power gets under 10%.  You will still be able to enjoy full speed.
  • Allows you to downgrade Ninebot/Segway firmwares safe and fast.
  • Stays in the system & alows future firmware upgrades.

This speed increase solution is made for Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S.

Please note, you will not be able to use GoKart if you have updated your miniPRO or Ninebot S to Swallowbot But will be working soon.

How to take the main board out

How Can I Get this?

  1. Ship only your Base unit to us,(Best & Safest Option) no battery to save on weight (We use TNT) See guidance below.
  2. Take the main-board out yourself and ship that to us. (see video) if you feel confident.


Make sure you download print out & include this PDF in the box before shipping to us click pic below.

  1. We check your MiniPro and perform upgrade.
  2. We Carry out full System Safety Checks
  3. We invoice you £80 + Shipping (bacs transfer/ PayPal  or pay over the phone)
  4. We ship it back to you.

Important: If you are shipping anything to us make sure its wrapped up well and protected in a good solid box to reduce likelihood of damage when shipping!

We find TNT the best for shipping click on link, List items as “SEGWAY PARTS”

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