How old is that Segway?

Read this before you buy any Segway Pt.

The segway market can be confusing to many people and is a minefield for who are not in the business, every month we get people calling us saying they’ve bought a Segway off eBay thinking they got a good deal and knowing massive costs ahead of them if they want to get it up and running

Remember to aways ask for the serial numbers before purchasing any Segway.

Don’t get caught out!

  1. Ask for serial numbers.
  2. Has the Segway ever been serviced?
  3. What’s the mileage?
  4. Are there any grinding noise coming from the gearbox’s?
  5. Has the Segway been part of a tours company fleet?
  6. Has the Segway ever had any error codes?
  7. Has the Segway aways been plugged into a power supply when not in use?
  8. Has the segway been stored in a dry warm place when not in use?
  9. Has the Segway got any visible signs of cracking around the centre console?

Segway batteries are one of the main reasons of faults with Segways so ask a lot of questions about the batteries because they are very expensive to replace, £850 here in the uk and even if one of them are not running correctly it will affect the whole machine causing a shutdown.

  1. Are the batteries the original one’s shipped with the Segway?
  2. At any time has there ever been any RED lights showing on the Segway when charging?
  3.  Are the bolts holding the batteries in place in good order? (not rusted in any way)
  4. Have the batteries ever been regenerated by anyone else? (if not done correctly this could be potentially very damaging to the cells and significantly reduce the range of the Segway)