HI-capacity Segway X2 I2 Battery


Reliable Segway battery rated at 6.4AH

We are pleased to announce after 1 & 1/2 years of research and development we have achieved a reliable and stable Segway battery replacement, throughout this process, we have been to 3 battery cell manufacturers, 2 moulded case manufacturers, 3 BSM Circuit board manufacturers all these points will be covered and will be highlighted what and why we made decisions in the section below called the journey.

We can now offer the new amazing reliable Segway high-capacity battery with 20% more efficiency, This has been tried and tested over 18 months with two heavy usage Segway tour operators in the UK.

Applications are perfect for Segway tour operators and Event Company or people who just want there Segway to go further giving longer distances between charges.

The Journey


3 battery cell manufacturers

The last Segway pack to be developed by Segway Inc were the AJ revision which the cells were produced by the company called valiance this was just as production costs were dramatically reduced by using cheaper parts, since Segway’s acquisition by Ninebot five years ago Quality in batteries has been very evident within the Segway community.

For this reason, we decided to go our own way and look for an alternative, we scoured the Internet looking for other battery suppliers we tried a couple but we were disappointed in the quality. We are also getting unusual shutdowns from the Segway machines using alternative batteries unfortunately our friends located in the eastern part of the world tend to bend the truth a little bit on their products.

Our first task was to find a reliable quality cell (The Segway battery has 92 cells in a series of four) if one of the cells was to fail it writes the whole battery back off. We went through three suppliers till we achieved maximum efficiency with reliability, there are battery packs out there that go further and have a high capacity but the reliability was not as consistent as the ones we chose in the end. Ninebot by Segway has also released a battery that claims to have a lot longer range but this has been plagued with teething problems shutdown & charging problems see this article HERE

In the end, we found some high-end cells we could work with, The mistake people make to start with is they go for high capacity lithium-ion cells with more milliamp-hours, these do work for a couple of weeks but after a while you start to get unplanned shutdowns and voltage spikes which eventually end up blowing the BMS in the battery and damage to the machine itself.

We have opted for the safer Lipo4 lithium batteries and settled from a trade-off of lower range for longevity and safety. But we still managed to increase the range by 20%, Samsung cells proved to us that they were not suitable for what we needed and we were plagued with reliability issues.


The next task is to find a molded case we could use, we approach suppliers for this who sent the samples we did various tests including drop tests hitting it with a hammer and various other stress tests to see how much force they could take unfortunately none of them went up to the job. So we concluded we are going to recycle Segway battery cases because of the high quality.

BSM Circuit board manufacturers

This is where it starts to get interesting we managed to get printed circuit boards of a BMS running a similar software that the Segway would understand however this would show up errors and produce unplanned shutdowns, so because of the unreliability we went with the original Segway BSM chipset printed on a circuit board.


We now use across our Segway Tours sites, brand-new cells, and longer range.

£750 State of health 120%

Please note: Batteries Case’s are recycled and may have signs of cosmetic wear on top & underneath this does not affect the performance of the battery.