1. What is a BSA? BSA stands for Balance Sensor Assembly, it is where all the gyroscopes are and it is very sensitive.
  2. What is a CU board? A segway has 2 CU boards; A & B. Both work together to keep the segway systems running.
  3. What is an EMI filter? The EMI filter is located at the foot of the lean steer, above the CU boards just in front of the flashing lights. This sends signals to the CU boards from the Lean Steer.
  4. What’s is the UIC? The User Interface Console is the green flashing light you see. It essentially shows the health of the Segway Green = Good, Red = Bad. This unit is also the communication tool between the Segway and the info key via Bluetooth. Most of this unit is taken up by the power supply and battery conditioning unit.
  5. What is the PBA? Pivot Base Assembly (this is the what the lean steer bolts onto).
  6. What is SART? Service and Repair Analytic tool.
  7. Do we repair Swegways/hover boards? No! we don’t sorry.
  8. Do we sell segway’s? Yes we do but very Limited supply, as only use Quality parts that are going to last.  (all are fully serviced before leaving workshops)
  9. Why don’t we fix Segway’s anymore for tour companies? (because of screwdriver experts & dishonest people)
  10. Why do you say your battery regeneration Service is better than anyone else? Well with being in the Business for over 10 years we’ve made a lot of contacts with enthusiasts around the world and being involved with the development new systems to make our lives easier and cost effective However there are other ways doing things but shortcuts lead to mistakes and damage to a very expensive machine.