Segway X2/ I2 Batteries & Revival

If you have a Segway battery that’s not working then read all of this.

We have over 12 years of experience.

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The most common reason we get from customers is the Segway has been left off charge for a while! 

Lithium Batteries:

It is not healthy for a lithium battery to charge continuously. To get the most life out of your batteries, follow the steps below.

1. Purchase a digital timer (like timers used for Christmas Lights)

2. Set the timer so it is on no more than 8-10 hours per day.

3. Allowing your batteries to rest 30 minutes after being used before starting to charge.

4. Following a charge, allow the batteries to rest for 30 minutes before being used.

5. For long-term storage, disconnect your batteries from the Segway completely, and fully charge them. Your batteries can be safely stored this way and should be reconnected and charged every 2-3 months to maintain proper charge. Please be advised long-term storage of 6-8 months will decrease battery performance. Intermittent use is recommended.

What we do

Our specialist computer battery charger and analyzers feature a wake-up feature or “boost” to reactivate and recharge batteries that have fallen asleep. Without this provision, a charger renders these batteries unserviceable and the packs would be discarded. (£850 if you were to buy new in the UK Each!)

Boost applies a small charge current to activate the protection circuit and if a correct cell voltage can be reached, the charger starts a normal charge. Figure 1 illustrates the “boost” function graphically.

For example: if you have 1 battery that’s only 70% efficient and the other is 100% the segway will shut down at 70% and you lose 30% range, this is why segway say change batteries in pairs, nice if you £1600 to spent, Tour company use our service to check the reading of each battery then pair of them accordingly with each machine by matching percentages to achieve longer tour times and having the information on which machines Will last longer and need to get on charge first.

What Segway say is

Charging Time

before first use:

12 hours.

recharge from empty:

~8 hours

Temperature Ranges


32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)


50°F to 122°F (10°C to 50°C)

storage and transport:

-4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)


capacity (Ah) and voltage:

5.2 Ah, 73.6 volts


14 x 7.5 x 3.2 in (35.7 x 19 x 8.2 cm)

battery pack weight (pair):

22.7 lbs (10.3 kg)

Pairing the Battery Packs

All Battery Packs perform best when they are paired and remain in pairs throughout the life of the battery. This is due to the redundancy built into the Battery Packs.

  • Charge Battery Packs for at least 12 hours either on the Segway PT or by the off board charger.
  • Label the Battery Packs such as 1a and 1b, 2a and 2b etc.
  • When you switch out discharged batteries for fully charged ones, replace thedepleted pair (1a and 1b) with a new pair (2a and 2b).
  • Always charge the pair together on the same Segway PT or off board charger.

 © 2011 Segway Inc

Manual cell scanning: The Segway battery has a total of 92 cells installed. There are always 4 cells connected to a cell package, and then 23 of them in series.

With the cell scan, only we can read out the voltages of the individual cell packets, which are then displayed graphically with OUR system.

Why use us?

What others do…… Okay, your Segway battery is expensive and has 92 cells with CU boards inside that constantly monitor the batteries health so it’s able to deliver high Power on demand (Called the BSM) You just can’t pulse the + & – terminals with a charger as this will confuse the software in the battery and not use it to its full potential causing the Cells to overheat and cause more damage, so please if anyone has attempted to charge the battery other than on Segway please don’t send it to us as the cells could be over charged and potentially damage our equipment.

By just pulse the + & – terminals with a charger as this will confuse the software in the battery and not use it to its full potential causing the Cells to overheat resulting in possible spikes of power (kick back /safety shutdown/C100 error codes damage to main Segway’s CU boards!)

This has to be a gentle slow process using the correct voltage and system monitoring capabilities to make adjustments Live throughout the re-gen process.

With our service you will also get a battery efficiency rating % data print out (see pics) to see how good your battery is performing Only We have the tools to offer this service.

Not all batteries can be revived! 

  1. Over uses (tour companies)
  2. Moisture damage (not seating on segway correctly)
  3. left off charge for over 2 years. (have had small success with longer)
  4. Attempted regeneration through other methods.
  5. We have batteries that are over 10 years old and going strong but remember components don’t last forever.

Time line: = less amount of time left off charge = success rate.

  • 3 Months = Very Good
  • 6 months = Good
  • 1 year = Fair
  • 2 years = Poor
  • 2 years + = Very Poor


The process takes around 3 days minimum per battery to complete the process, within that time the battery is regenerated, tested, discharged twice, retested and calibrated. At the end of this process you get an efficiency rating on your battery performance this is very useful if you are a segway tour company here’s why:

The batteries are a very important part of the Segway’s redundancy Systems, so it’s very important that you keep them in good condition as can throw up confusing and misleading errors.

Try to keep the batteries paired on the same machine with similar percentage read outs. (you can see the % of batteries efficiency on the label) Because if one battery is at 75% and the other 100% the Segway will only take the reading from the 75% battery & shut off at the lowest battery power in that pair and you lose 25% range on your Segway. For more info give us a call.

it’s an unavoidable fact that batteries wear out.

Over the years, its charging capacity declines. “A battery’s lifespan depends on its chemical age, which is affected by factors such as its temperature history and charging pattern.

If it’s not done correctly!

Example below is what happens when you don’t follow the correct process and bypass the BSM with a incorrect charging method. This totally destroys the CU board inside the battery by one or more cell packs overcharged out of synchronisation of the others. This creates voltage spikes with irreversible damage which sometimes produces misleading results thinking it works for five minutes but sends damaging voltage spikes which could damage the Segway unit itself.


This careful slow process takes a minimum of three days for each battery it is then stress tested to improve reliability with detailed data print out.

£100 per battery (successful re-gen with Data print out State of health included)

£10 if unsuccessful Re-Gen (our time)


Shipping both ways is at your own risk.

(shipping 2 batteries with TNT usually costs about £20)

The price is the price because it’s time on our equipments time & ours even if unsuccessful)
sometimes customer don’t want batteries shipped back if unsuccessful, we can dispose of them free with environmentally friendly process with our local council.

For help and advice call Paul 07549939898

Positives are….

To get a new battery is £850 in the UK, so if successful your battery doing nothing is worth at least £500 secondhand on eBay, with Data print out to prove it’s state of health.

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Worst case scenario its cost you £10 per battery if unsuccessful + shipping or just disposed of.

Before Shipping us your battery please fill out the PDF click on image below bottom of page.

We find TNT the best for shipping click on link, List items as “SEGWAY PARTS”

Each battery weighs 6 kg, make sure it is protected in its packaging in a box.(I.e. bubblewrap)

No battery will be worked on without a PDF printout per battery, this is so we can track serial numbers as we get a lot of batteries in our workshop.

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