Segway® I2/X2 Battery Specialist

UPDATE: 8/03/23

We are not currently accepting any batteries or offering the service due to illness

We now only offer 3 Services

1. Segway® battery regeneration/ recovery service for Segway I2 & X2.

2. Quality Secondhand Segway Batteries

3. Quality Used Segways For Sale

Segway battery Re-gen Service click HERE

Second Hand Segway Batteries click HERE

Quality Used Segways click HERE

This service is for the UK only

We Revive Segway® X2 & I2 Batteries that have been left off charge.


For all other Segway® repairs like motors / info-keys goto Segway UK

(the only authorised segway® repair Centre)

This service is for the UK only

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Was recommended by a friend, two Segways were fixed and sent back to us with in 7 days! Highly recommended.

John Fenner

22nd February 2016

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I sent in 4 Segway batteries with the dreaded red light on charging. All 4 are now working fine, so I can recommend this service.

James Plant

23rd February 2016

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My older son had a segway i2 for 7 years and gave it to his younger brother. Unfortunately, it had been left standing in a cold wet garage for years, and I was getting silly quotes from segway to fix it - which were over £1500 - however, these guys fixed it for a very good price.

Garry Hill

27th February 2016

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Being new to the business of segway tours, Paul and his team showed all my staff how to run more efficiently & safely with a wealth of knowledge. Now I can sleep at night knowing we have got the necessary measures to prevent people falling off and hurting themselves.

Ian Davis

4th June 2016

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Segway was switching on and showing an error code. Rang these guys who told me exactly what was wrong, how to fix it and how much it would cost. Thought they were very reasonable and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Wendy Higgson

5th June 2016

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Phoned Paul who was a good help and honest,he sorted out over the phone with errors codes and quick fix's, I recommend people to download the error codes Records PDF List from this website as saved me a lot of time.

Garry Peach

5th July 2016

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I am a Segway tour business, with over 20 machines. I came across this guy over the internet and he has saved me money and time using his service. Really appreciate it - will use it again when I have a problem.

Anitta Philips

9th October 2016

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Our segway was left off charge for over 8 months, phoned Paul and he recommended we send him the batteries, one week later all working again thank you so much for a quick service, highly recommended! 😀

Adam Leach 17th November 2020

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Had a segway go down over the summer, needed it back up and running fully because booked, Paul went over and beyond to help us out, very quick turnaround with the batteries, Highly Recommended

Ben Roberts 18th November 2020

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Segway had been sat in the sheds for a year, was having a clear out over Lockdown , Sent batteries over to Paul now it's working again! Hours of fun in the garden thanks Paul

Simon porter 2nd January 2021

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Had a problem with my batteries, sent them off to Paul he was honest and trustworthy because there's a lot of scams out there at the moment! my X2 has life kids are happy in Lockdown. Thanks again would highly recommend!

Edward Laurence Segway battery fixed 2nd February 2021